What is a Wellness Plan?

We know how important it is for your puppy to be protected and stay healthy, especially in the first year of life.

This is why we designed our Puppy Wellness Plan. We wanted to help take the financial burden of raising a healthy, balanced puppy away with simple monthly payments that are affordable. We make it very simple and our program has lots of benefits and perks of being a member.

Everything you would expect is included in our Wellness Plan. And the monthly payments are affordable! In addition, you will receive a $50 credit to your account when your last payment is made — That's our way of saying thank you for participating!

  • Puppy Wellness Plan
  • $74.99
  • per month for 12 months and for puppies less than 6 months of age at enrolment. Female's are $10 more per month
  • All required and recommended vaccinations (including the kennel cough vaccination)
  • Fecal parasite test
  • Routine deworming
  • Spay or Neuter (including intravenous fluids and pain medication)
  • Pre-operative blood testing
  • Microchip and registration
  • 15% savings over the course of the program

* You must activate your free trial via email within 24 hours of the initial appointment

Member Perks!

  $25 medical consultations (50% Discount | Unlimited)
  5% discount on medical services and medications
  2 night complimentary stay in our boarding facility (blackout conditions apply)
  Complimentary nail trims (unlimited)
  30 days of complimentary pet insurance*
  10% discount on premium puppy development food
  Complimentary nutritional consultation

Answers to common questions

  • Do I have to pay monthly instalments or can I pay outright?

    You are able to pay for the entire year all at once if you like and still have access to the perks of the program!

  • What if I decide to spay or neuter my pet after a year of age?

    For many reasons, we recommend spaying and neutering at 5 months of age. You may however have your pet spayed or neutered within 2 years of age but there is an associated fee of $50.

  • Do you offer this program for kittens or adult dogs?

    Unfortunately not yet…but we plan on adding cats, adult dogs and senior pets soon!

  • Am I able to opt out of the program?

    You are able to opt out if you like. You will be required to pay the balance of the services you used (minus the value of associated perks). There is also an associated $25 administration fee for early withdrawal of the program.

  • Do I need an appointment for my visits included in my wellness plan?

    Yes you do. Unless it's an emergency, we only operate on an appointment time basis. This allows us to spend the allocated time on all our patients and so that you are seen in a timely matter.

  • How can I pay for my wellness plan?

    The easiest and most convenient way to to pay is automatic credit card payments. You may alternatively come into the clinic in person and pay on a monthly basis. Please note that cheques and automatic bank withdrawals are not accepted at this time.

  • Can I make additional payments towards my plan at any time?

    Yes you can!

  • What do I have to pay when I signup?

    The first monthly instalment plus all applicable taxes are due at signing.

  • Is there a membership fee?


  • If I use all my services before the years end, do I still need to pay a monthly fee?

    Yes, that would be the case.

  • When do I have to use the associated services by?

    All services must be used within 12 months of signup. Services would include vaccinations, lab tests and spay/neuter for example.

  • What if I use a service that is not included in my wellness plan?

    Using services that are not included in your wellness plan will incur additional fees as you will have to pay for those services separately and when they are performed. As a wellness plan member, you are entitled to a 5% discount.

  • What if I don't use, nor want to use a service included in the wellness plan?

    Our wellness plan is designed as an all-inclusive plan in which all services are included. Unfortunately, the monthly price for 12 months will remain unchanged.


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