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Dr. Brad Hinsperger - Kingsdale Animal Hospital

Dr. Brad Hinsperger


A graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. Hinsperger is the co-director of Kingsdale Animal Hospital. His special interests include Nutrition, Ophthalmology and Surgery. Outside of work Dr. Hinsperger enjoys spending his free time with his wife and two wonderful children. He also has a very energetic Border Collie named Holly. He also enjoys spending his free time outdoors golfing and landscaping.

Dr. Alyson Clark - Kingsdale Animal Hospital

Dr. Alyson Clark


Fulfilling her childhood dream, Dr. Clark graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1993. She has been part of Kingsdale AH since 1997 and is currently co-director of Kingsdale Animal Hospital. Her special interests include Geriatric Medicine and Soft Tissue Surgery. She enjoys spending her free time in the outdoors with her husband and two children. Dr. Clark’s furry family member is a spoiled 5 year old Border Collie named Nickey.

Dr. Chris Murfin - Kingsdale Animal Hospital

Dr. Chris Murfin


Also a graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. Murfin has been with Kingsdale since 1996 and enjoys spending time with his family including his wife and two daughters. He has a special interest in Dermatology and Orthopedic Surgery. His extended 4-legged family includes 2 dogs and 2 cats. Dr. Murfin enjoys retreating to the beach when he can.

Dr. Tara Montgomery - Kingsdale Animal Hospital

Dr. Tara Montgomery


Upon her graduation from the Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. Montgomery began her career in Mississauga and Milton. Her special interests include Endocrinology, Dermatology, and Public Health. When she is not at the clinic, Dr. Montgomery spends her free time with her husband, Matt, and their 4-legged family: Sage and Goose, their hunting retrievers, Seymour, their hand-raised cat, and Hazel & Zoe, their geriatric rabbits. Her favourite distractions include going to the cottage, ATVing, snowmobiling, and playing sports.


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