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Kingsdale Animal Hospital - Rabbits

Need Veterinary Care for Your Rabbit or Ferret?

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In order to treat Rabbits and Ferrets effectively, it is important to understand the anatomical, physiological and husbandry differences between the species. Your Kingsdale Veterinarian can provide guidance through Annual Check-ups and Medical Consultations where required.

Kingsdale Animal Hospital - Ferrets

Specialized Veterinary Care

From regular check-ups to advanced medical procedures

At Kingsdale, we do recommend yearly check-ups for rabbits and ferrets. In addition to regular maintenance, we also attend to those patients requiring medical attention.

Kingsdale Animal Hospital - Pocket Pet Vet

Pocket Pets Need Veterinary Care Too

And we’ve got you covered

Not only do we see rabbits and ferrets, but we also attend to guinea pigs and other small mammals. These furry creatures are delicate and prompt medical therapy is often required immediately should any symptoms should arise.

Need veterinary care or simply a check-up for your little friend? We can help!


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