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Nutritional Guidance

We carry a wide selection of both maintenance and prescription diets. Our veterinary team will be able to assist you in determining which diet is right for your pet.

Royal Canin Diets

Medi-cal® Royal Canin® Veterinary Diets

Hill's Prescription Diets

Hill’s Prescription Diets®

Important Information:
Up to 80% of your pet’s immune system is in their intestinal tract. Feeding a good quality, nutritious diet can make your pet healthier by promoting a healthy intestinal tract and therefore healthy immune system. Determining the quality of a pet food can be both difficult and deceiving. Unfortunately, evaluating the ingredient list does not provide enough information to make a statement on quality. Every pet food label must contain a statement and validation of nutritional adequacy. There are 2 ways in achieving this: (1) The Formulation Method in which the manufacturer has formulated their pet food to meet the nutritional needs and requirements for your pet; (2) Feeding Trial Method in which the manufacturer has substantiated their diet through feeding trials. This method is the preferred method and in our opinion, the best way to determine the quality of the pet food.


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